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It can be difficult to figure out today what AI can actually do for your business.  Buy into the wrong solution or try to build something you are not ready for and you risk losing a significant investment.

We have experience finding opportunities for AI, providing vetted business cases for AI and assisting with building AI capabilities in companies.

Whatever your AI need is, we can help.


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AI Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Do you know what is required to build and run AI within your business?  How much of your company’s data is already being sent to vendors when your staff use AI to help solve problems?  We can help you put in place the policies, procedures and find the right structure to best serve you.

  • Roles & Descriptions
  • Opportunity Discovery and Roadmap
  • Program/Product Management

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AI Discovery

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Organizational Design

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AI Business Training



What We Can Do For You

With over $150M saved across many AI projects, we can help you find and vet opportunities, build business cases, and provide you with an AI roadmap to your new future business.

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Opportunity Identification

We work with you to determine the highest value opportunities to use AI

Business Cases

Once we have a list of opportunities, we will work with you to build the business case and prioritize

AI Roadmap

All of your opportunities, vetted to ensure feasibility and prioritized with business cases

AI Organization and Training

Creating an organization that can identify, build and run AI solutions is not easy.  Let us help you with our lessons learned

From Our Founder

The Truth About AI

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are powerful tools for today’s business.  However, there are those that claim it will take over everything and others that mock anyone thinking of using it.

The truth is somewhere between.  Call us to find out more.


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